2020 Homestead Cider: Central Sullivan † *     40 cases made,  7.8% abv , 500 ml

Specs: Bitter-Sweet, off-dry, golden-brown color. Cloudy w/ medium effervescence.
Notes: Sweet apple (low acidity), almond/maple, celery soda, medium-high tannic finish
Source: Wild roadside and forest apples in the plateau of central Sullivan County, in the triangle between Monticello, Liberty and Bethal. An unusual amount of bitter sweets in the mix.

*Ciders w/ higher effervescence should be stored and served cold
† Ciders structured to age well, possibly better in the 2 to 5 year window
”Specs” represent the objective qualities: acid/tannin-range, sweetness, color and effervescence.
”Notes” represent the subjective qualities that come to mind (listed in order of dominance and time.)
”Source” lists location and type of fruit, and special (if any) fermentation techniques.

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