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Natural Cider is intended for ciders from Asturias, the Basque Country, and other regions in which similar apple varieties and production techniques are used to achieve a typical Spanish cider profile. In Asturias these ciders are known as sidra natural. In the Basque Country these ciders are known as sagardo naturala.

Traditional Spanish cider is made primarily with sharp and semi-sharp local apple varieties. Each pressing takes 2-3 days to complete, and the tradition is to allow wild yeasts to ferment the cider, rather than using cultured yeasts. After pressing, the juice is pumped into chestnut barrels or stainless steel tanks. Traditional Spanish cider requires both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation (MLF) to reach completeness.

The traditional skill of pouring of cider in Asturias is unique. The bottle is held in one hand with the arm reaching as high as possible. The glass is held, at an angle, in the other hand with the arm stretched down as low as possible. The cider is carefully poured so that a thin stream of liquid drops from a height into the tip of the glass. Only a small amount of cider is poured, just enough to consume in a mouthful or two. The aim is to release carbon dioxide in the cider and to volatilize part of the acetic acid.

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