Eden Ciders planted apple trees in 2008-2010 on the West-sloping meadow of their abandoned diary farm; an old piece of Appalachian loam, thin and granitic, holding out one last hope for love and procreation, their Eden Orchard. This past Fall, more than 20 varieties of apples jumped out of the trees and into the press together, eager to attend the season's festivities. Stunned by the whirlwind of the harvest, they left the combined juice behind, lonely in a stainless steel tank and lost to its own devices. Spontaneous fermentation began and ended, and the cider slowly toiled on its lees, untouched in the same vat. Unfiltered, unfined and dressed in this plain bottle is has no expectation. Its innocence is earthy and wild, yet gracefully supple, and oblivious to your imminent discovery. Consider gently.

7.5% ABV

Batch: 2018

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