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Bone dry, unfiltered, Deep Cut includes aged tannic cider blended in for an amazing canned cider experience. Deep Cut is deep - you can taste the smooth astringency in this can right up against peach and tropical fruit notes lent to it by the McIntosh and Empire apples. If you’re looking for a superb dry cider - this is the one for you. 

Branch out with our Deep Cut dry cider that's hazy and fruity, but has 0g sugar and 0 Carbs.

PROFILE: Dry, hazy, full-bodied

APPLE VARIETIES: Golden Russet • Somerset Redstreak • Dabinett • Yarlington Mill • McIntosh • Empire


GROWN BY: Eden Orchards, Poverty Lane Orchards, Scott Farm, Sunrise Orchards, Windfall Orchard

METHOD: Slow cold fermentation, unfiltered, carbonated and pasteurized.

TASTING NOTES: peach, black tea, citrus

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: fried chicken, tacos, grilled anything

6.2% ABV | 0g/L residual sugar

Serving Size: 1 can | Calories per serving: 120 | Carbs: 0g = 0CARB

Gluten free, vegan friendly

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