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Bottled using the traditional champagne method, Brut Nature is a labor of care, love, and time.  Brute Nature begins with a delicious base cider made with heirloom and bittersweet apples. We spur second fermentation by putting a little bit of our Ice Cider in each bottle and then let it rest for at least 18 months. Each bottle is then hand-disgorged to remove the yeast from the secondary fermentation, creating a clean, dry, balanced, naturally sparkling cider that is unfiltered and unpasteurized.  

Brut Nature takes at least two years to make it from harvest to your table. The aging process gives this dry, sparkling cider a depth and complexity of flavor that makes a perfect dinner companion for a wide variety of food. 

PROFILE: Bubbly, very dry, balanced flavors

APPLE VARIETIES: Kingston Black • Roxbury Russet • Esopus Spitzenburg • McIntosh • Dabinett • Yarlington Mill • Calville Blanc • Hudson’s Golden Gem • Orleans Reinette • Empire • Black Oxford • Blue Pearmain • Rhode Island Greening • Baldwin


GROWN BY: Scott Farm, Poverty Lane Orchards, Sunrise Orchards, Eden Orchards

METHOD: Champagne style - secondary fermentation, rested on lees at least 18 months, hand-disgorged, naturally sparkling and clean

TASTING NOTES: dried apples, biscuit, citrus, green hay

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Extremely versatile dinner cider, goes well with everything from oysters to steak-frites

8.4% ABV | 0g residual sugar

750 ml | 12/case | 400 cases produced

Serving Size: 8 oz. | Calories per serving: 135 | Carbs: 0

Gluten free, vegan friendly

Great Lakes International Cider Competition Gold Medal Winner 2019

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