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Wild Arc Farm has a number of callery pear trees on the farm, and have always wanted to do something with the tiny, tart, tannin-packed fruits. They macerated a few buckets worth into this sparkling cider blend before racking it to a stainless steel tank, where it sat undisturbed for 4 months before canning. It was refermented in the can to add bubbles.

Varietals:  Golden Russet | Ben Davis | Ida Red | Callery Pear

7% ABV

Fruit: apples from an IPM-farmed orchard in Ontario County, North Fork + Callery Pears from Todd’s own farm

Making of: a couple of buckets of pears were macerated in the cider, then racked into neutral French oak 500L puncheons and left undisturbed for 6 months before canning.

Personality: bright and fruity cider flavors mingled with a deeper spicy oomph of the pears.

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