Cinco Sentidos Agave Seminar (past)

Cinco Sentidos is appreciated by many as one of the most authentic providers of agave distillates in the entire category. Known for sourcing unique mezcal of incredible quality from remarkably small-scale, skilled producers throughout Mexico, Cinco Sentidos respects the land, people, and traditions that go into the thoughtful production and enjoyment of this heritage spirit. Unlike many major mezcal brands, Cinco Sentidos adheres to non-intervention business practices, presenting spirits as their mezcaleros intended them to be.

Experience the range of flavor profiles the brand has to offer with agave specialist Nate from PM Spirits, just in time for an exclusive rarity — our own single batch of Tobaziche, with fewer than 75 bottles available only at BayTowne Wine & Spirits and presented for you to taste!

Featured at this event:
- Store Pick of Tobaziche-Mexicano
- Espadin-Capon
- Pechuga de Mole
- Espadin-Tobaziche

All attendees receive $10 off their purchase of products featured at the event (offer available only during the event).

Cinco Sentidos Agave Seminar at BayTowne Wine & Spirits

Cinco Sentidos Agave Seminar at BayTowne Wine & Spirits


December 7, 2023 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (past)


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