Procera Gin Seminar (past)

Procera Gin Seminar

Procera has changed the entire gin scene. This Kenyan produced gin is made using fresh juniper, differentiating them from nearly all other gin producers, for whom the industry standard is the use of juniper that's been dried and shipped long distance. This key distinction yields a vibrantly fresh profile across their offerings. Besides tasting their flagship Blue Dot, participants will have a chance to taste the Red Dot, crafted with five different kinds of African peppers for a savory profile ideal for Negronis, and the Green Dot, their highest prized gin crafted entirely from one single juniper tree. Another element of Procera unique within the category is that these gins are released as vintages, and with that, everyone in class will be able to taste both the newest vintage of Green Dot and get a sneak preview of the upcoming vintage of Red Dot.

Nathan from PM Spirits will also be bringing physical examples of the botanicals used for everyone to interact with and will even toast some of them in the tasting room for a full aromatic immersion. Procera is providing a new idea of what gin can be, join us to for an in-depth exploration.

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May 16, 2024 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (past)


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