El Jolgorio Single Batch Mezcal Release Party (past)

Big news for us and the Agave crew at Lloyd's Taco Factory in Buffalo, NY — it’s a celebration! A rare mezcal has arrived, and we've got our hands on it. Join us to celebrate at the Hertel Factory and try this special El Jolgorio Single Batch Mezcal made just for us.

About the Mezcal:
Cheque is truly the OG Casa Cortes employee. At this point, he’s probably the longest-standing part of the family operation who's not one of the initial four founding members (Valentin, Rolando, Gregorio, and Asis). Cheque is a Maestro Mezcalero in his own right and has historically sold his own mezcal in the community and assisted with the production of both Agave de Cortes and Nuestra Soledad, but has never had a release bearing his name from the family label… until now. His batch leans into the wet stone and deep fruit the species elegantly. The ABV is surprisingly gentle on the nose at first blush, without much of the volatility you might expect (perhaps because it’s rested a few years in glass), but it picks up steam on the finish and leaves you salivating for more.

El Jolgorio Single Batch Mezcal Release Party

El Jolgorio Single Batch Mezcal Release Party


February 6, 2024 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (past)


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