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Four Agaves, Weight of the pina: 880 kilos, Height with pencas: 4 meters, Age of agave: 15 years, Brix - Raw 13, Cooked 19, Cultivated by Hijuelos, Rancho La Mesa, Owned by Ruben Pena and Manuel Salcedo, Soil - red, iron rich, Rain - 13mm per year, Temperature range: 7-29c.

Alcohol by Volume: 43.5%

Agave: Americana

Mezcaleros: Don Ruben Pena, Don Manuel Salcedo

Maguey: Macho

Region: Sierra Occidental

Village: Mascota

Oven: Adobe

Fuel: Black Oak

Grinding: Mechanic

Fermentation: Oak Vats

Yeast: Wild

Still: Philippine - Aribic Hybrid

Distillations: One

Date: 04-19

Lot 1

Batch size: 500 bottles

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